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You are now on the official line of the M. F. company for  MIAKARA trade.

M.F. has the right to modify the current notions IN DISCRTION. The modified notions will be valid an soon as they are on line

Producer, Ideas man, Accommodation :

The site miakara. com is made by :
M. F. , Limited liability company SARL

The intellectual property rights and content protection :

 The  web site miakara.com is our own property. The miakara.com site and its general structure ( i) its content that notably contains(an open-ended list) : all the documents, pieces of information,  hotographies, texts, trades,  domains name, logos , graphismes, page make up , music,moving or nom moving pictures, logiciels , distinct signs , (ii)its organization( arrangement assembly) and others , are protected by the property right

The MIAKARA trade as well as the logos present in the present web site are the registered trademark, by the M. F. company.  

The miakara.com  domain name  is stricly reserved by  M. F. company.

Any reproduction and representation, in whole or part, of the site or any of the elements which make it up,  and in particular texts and photographs for needs other than a personal and private use at ends of information, as well as any extraction in whole or part of the data base which it contains, are strictly prohibited.

The reproduction of a site page in our framework that does not belong to us or the insertion of a page belonging to us in a site page not belonging to us, is strictly prohibited

The non-compliance of the above mentioned obligations would be considered a counterfeiting act as sanctioned by the Code of intellectual property. M. F. reserves the right to pursue any counterfeiter.

  the web site Content:

M.F.  has the right to modify the content or the configuration of its site, to interrupt temporary or permanently at any moment and without notice a part or the entire site. M. F. can not be considered as responsible for the possible consequences of these modifications.

The MIAKARA photographs and drawings’ products presented on this site are not contractual. No guaranty can be given as far as exactness, the precision or the exhaustiveness of the information provided on the  site www.miakara.com are concerned.

Responsibility :

Without prejudice to the article 15 of the law  concerning the confidence in the numerical economy of June 21, 2004, M. F. declines any responsibility for all the direct and indirect damages regardless of their nature caused to the computer system that would result from user access and/or navigation on the miakara.com site and/or from fraudulent intrusion by a third party led to a change in the information available on this site having involved a modification of the information placed at the disposal on this site.

Bonds with other Internet sites: 

 M. F. declines any responsibility for the contents, advertising, the products or services of the sites related to the miakara.com site
Moreover, M. F.  could not be held responsible for the direct or indirect prejudices and damages directly or indirectly related to access or use of this site

 No person or entity is allowed to put a hyperlink leading to this site miakara.com without the express consent of M. F.
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Cookies :

The "implantation of “cookies” in your computer makes it possible to record information related to the navigation of your computer on our site, such as in particular the consulted pages, the date and the consulting hour.
However, miakara.com web site does not address a “cookies” bound for the computers from which the site is consulted.

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Divers :

The present legal notices are subjected to the  French right and any disagreement will be carried in front of the PARIS courts of competent (France).